Thursday, April 05, 2007


aw,my poor little puddy cat-he has a big wound under his armpit,or whatever its called on cats-its always him that is the one who needs to see the vet-the other one has never been and its always either on a Sunday,late at night or bank holiday-I love the little furry boy,but he doesnt half pick his times!!Enivision me tomorrow morning trying to get him into a cat basket.

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GirlNextDoor said...

Our persian cat was a nightmare, it took 3 people to get her in a catbasket, one to prise the claws off the doorframe, one to 'shove' her in & the other to slam the door before she escaped again. Only thing is the slamming of door & extracting of hands had to be split second timing, otherwise you'd not only have shredded skin but squashed fingers as well! lol