Tuesday, April 10, 2007

weekly round up.....

How berluddy gorgeous is the weather at the moment??I feel so much happier when the weather is like this,even doing nothing is more fun,and everyone seems to be generally more chilled and sociable-I wonder if I would be like this if I lived somehwere sunny all year round,or would I revert back to my usual self in no time at all?
On Saturday I had to take something back to Chavsville,I mean Argos,so rather than a refund I swapped it for a lawn mower-is that sad?I couldnt wait to get out and mow the grass,I previously only had a manual mower which was a nightmare to use and not half as satisfying,but ultimately I want to re-do my half finished garden (thanks ex-bf!!)with slabs and gravel mixed in with plants,I am forever redesigning the garden and never actually doing it as 1.I havent got any money,2.I cant do any heavy lifting myself,and even the basics are hard atm with my knee still playing up.I want decking at the end of the garden where the shed is at,a winding mix of stone (look) slabs and gravel with tall architectural plants,to give me privacy and a slabbed area to put my table and chairs on nearest the house.I need to pull a gardener.

My only fashion purchase this week was these converse for the bargainous price of £15.

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GirlNextDoor said...

Everything's more fun in the sunshine, even work! & being as I am annoyingly quite fair sinned it's the only time of year I look healthy :o)