Thursday, May 31, 2007

Big Brother

I am not watching it this year.No more trying to coincide my meal breaks with that nights showing,no more fighting to watch BB over the football,no more staying up watching them sleeping.My colleague asked me if I was going to be doing my usual watching of BB,and I said no,then today he asks me did I watch it and said 'tell me the truth now!',still I remain firm!


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Think you'll last? I watch the opening each year then decide its shite and then get sucked back into it. I have opinions on them but tongith have been wathcing while doing other stuff, so didnt concentrate as much. Keep it up girl, be strong!!

Annette said...

I'm glad about that.
Personnally, I can't stand the programme, If no-one watches it perhaps they would take it off the t.v.!!!

The Thin Blue Line said...

I had to watch it last night while we were having a squad chilli. (There's a girl on our team who's a big fan. It was her turn to choose).
Really, you're not missing anything.
"Day 2. The chubby one from Wales just blinked!"

thoughts running through my head.... said...

I will last cos I didnt watch the launch,I've not missed it before!I told the guys I work with that they should sponser me not to watch it and I definately think they should after seeing TBL say they take it in turns to choose on his relief!!huh,I feel hard done by now!