Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Right havent done this for awhile,went to Primarni and bought......

a grey abstract leopard print slouchy top,much more subtle irl

a bargain at £4!!
a black scoop neck tee that is thin fabric in a faux vintage style,totally gorgeous £2.50
the usual knickers and socks
and an extra pair of pinstripe trousers to go with my suit I got awhile ago,£8.
silver locket I have wanted for ages since I saw Jen wearing one £1.50
black 3/4 leggings £3.


Girl*Next*Door said...

It's no good, I HAVE to go to Primark, I've been trying to not go shopping so much but I give in! The black t sounds nice, like the leopard print top too :o)

thoughts running through my head.... said...

yes Primark is so good for that fashion fix,I seem to miss alot of the really good stuff but I am always happy if I get one or two basic tops that I'll actually wear.