Saturday, May 26, 2007

two random things

one,my hairdresser is moving to a new branch that is in a secure building so I wont be able to get in.He assures me its not because he is sick if highlighting my masses of hair!Why do hairdressers always move on-just when you find one you like and they get used to your hair and its peculiarities!

Two,I am getting a bit sick of certain do-gooders who like to anonymously slate me on other peoples blogs or on internet forums because of the job I do and attribute everything I do or think or say to the that fact I do this job,its pathetic and blinkered.How I'd love to take you out on shift with me one time and let you see how it really is-the good and bad.Let me watch you as you get called a white* c**t,whore,slag etc,and told 'I'm gonna rape you',oh and maybe as some piece of shit spits on you,you can tell them that you understand why they rob people or attack innocent people going about their business,how you know its because the big bad police have stitched them up or only stopped them because of the colour of their skin,or it may even be because of their religion (however I have to point out by YOU saying that you assume alot about the people in question-but I bet you didnt think how you are stereotyping did you?) .Take your pick of cloud cuckoo land ideas whilst thinking you're right on,feel smug as you rant about how racist I am or about how I dare to criticise an honour killing as retarded,don't feel as though you are anti-police because you choose to slate what I say only because of the job I do,and ignore what other opinions are because they dont fit in with your narrow minded views.Please do feel free to ignore what I'm doing as I hold a man old enough to be my Dads hand as he lays on the floor unable to move through illness,or the girl who was sexually assaulted who feels confident enought to travel alone again now after I dealt with her case,or even the grown man who was embarrassed to admit he had been beaten up by a schoolkid,yes please ignore all that cos I know it doesnt fit into your idea of me,but then it wouldnt cos you dont know me or even much about what I do,you just assume you do dont you?

*insert any skin colour here.


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Don't really know what to say but this is a good post. I HATE people that slag the police off, I just do not understand it, they do a job like everyone else, it has to be done and if it wasn't, the same people who name call etc would be the first to complain. X

The Thin Blue Line said...

Excellent post!
Being a copper's like being the England football manager: very few people have done it but everyone reckons they could do it better!
Seriously, spend just one week working with me and then, only then, slate me to your heart's content.

totallyun-pc said...

Agreed thoughty.....

I've often asked my non job mates what they would do.... they all say the same thing... I'd smash his face in, or I'd shoot him or I'd do this and I'd do that.... but they can all say that without any fear of expieriencing it.

Kids, women, grown men, any shape, any size, they each create their own unique scenario, as weary or as dangerous as the next, and we deal with them daily. Be proud of what you do and know that others are proud too. Just don't expect it off everyone, because they haven't got a clue!

Girl*Next*Door said...

I know it's really easy to say, but ignore it, you know you do a good job & one that not many would want, or be willing to do. I didn't even watch the video of that 'honour' killing because I knew I'd feel sick to my stomach, pictures of similar stuff is bad enough. It is retarded that stuff like that still happens in a supposedly civilised world.

The ones that name call & slag the police off etc etc are the first ones to expect you to be there for them immediately as soon as something goes wrong for them or they need you. The other thing, you're being judged on the job you do, which is no better than judging somebody on their skin colour/sexual orientation/culture etc, it's plain wrong & narrow minded & I hate it, for every 1 person that slags you for the job you do there's others that are greatfull. Agree with all the other comments on here about it too :o)