Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Flying Squad and other stuff

I am reading a book at the moment by Dick Kirby who was in the Flying Squad back in the day,back when it was good I've been told!These detectives used to use their own cars that were fitted with radios,can you believe it?Theres no way I would have any scrote in my beloved car!Its a good read so its recommended to anyone who likes reading policy things,DK used to worked all over London by the sounds of it,but in particular the areas I work in which is weird cos I know all the places,all I can say is things are very very different these days,and not all for the better by the sounds of it.

This Skoda advert,the one where they build the car out of cake?Where can I get one!Theres a Skoda dealership near me I keep hoping they will get one in the window or something,I love watching that.

The one thing I hate about the weather getting warmer,well ok there is definately more than one thing but specifically I mean flies.I hate the little buggers,the way they buzz all the time and fly past your ears,how on earth do you stop them entering the house?I have tried every product on the market,but fly killers are poisonous to humans as well.They absolutely drive me mad!


Mrs Fashion said...

Hello, Love your blog!
And re flys... they drive me bananas - especially big filthy bluebottles. I spray them and then run out the room my hands over my mouth!
Mrs F x

Girl*Next*Door said...

I love that advert too, so clever. *Apparently* it cost 1 million dollars to make, but surely that isn't possible?!

As for the flies, the stables where my horse is get quite bad sometimes & the absolute best thing is fly tape, it's a strip with a very sticky coating.

You basically just hang it or tack it somewhere where you won't get tangled in it & the flies get attracted to it & stuck, think it's got something on it that kills them quickly too, once it's got enough bodies you just bin it & replace. I know it sounds comoletely grim but it isn't & it really does work :o)

thoughts running through my head.... said...

Hello Mrs Fashion,thank you so much!!

Yes bluebottles,they are the only creatures I can kill alongside wasps ofcourse,I hate the little buggers.GND I have tried flypaper but it was so grim I took it down,Ive also tried spray,a smelly thing that nearly gassed me and a stick on window thing,None if them work,there are some plants that flies hate so I will look into them to see if they work.

Annette said...

buy a venus fly trap plant!!!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

thats a good idea Annette,I had one once but killed it off,probably by poking the leaf things to open and close!Are the flies attracted to the plant-is that how it works?

Annette said...

yes they are attracted to the plant and when a fly lands it, it can feel the fly.(as they do!) It then closes it's leaves and whoosh the fly is gone.

The Thin Blue Line said...

It's true, I heard it cost half a million quid to make so a million dollars is about right (isn't it?).

And you just know that it went to waste. Grrrr

thoughts running through my head.... said...

half a mill?that is one expensive cake!!!