Monday, July 30, 2007

Got nothing to blog about

nothing new is happening at the moment for me really,I have even lost my shopping mojo somewhat,I think thats down to the weather though-is it summer or not?The only things I have bought clothing wise the last few weeks have been some totally perfect River Island shorts, all my fashion friends hate RI cos they say everything has glitter on it (it doesn't!),but I like it and their trousers and jeans fit me perfectly and I always seem to find something in there that I love,I also bought a big wooden heart on a vintage looking gold chain in the RI sale for a bargainous £2,how could I not?Oh and a silver knot rope bracelet from Topshop,and that really is all I have bought.
My knee is still not good after all this time,but I think I am going to go back properly at the end of the month whether its ready or not,I can't stand being indoors anymore and one of my fuckwit sergeants keeps saying really helpful things to me like 'oh everyone gets aches and pains,I've got a bad knee'-THE FUCKIN COCK!!Does he think I'm on restricted cos I've got a little pain in the knee?Who is he to tell me about pains,I could tell him about pain-I'd like to see him carry on as normal (MEN LOOK AWAY NOW) if he had MONTHLY period pains and mood swings and not let it effect your work,and thats just for starters!He can talk anyway,from what hear about him (can't say more,cos you never know who's reading!)I think he might be a problem for me when I go back,he's been a bit weird with me since he started dating my friend so I'll have to see what he's like-I am not putting up with any nonsense from him though,sergeant or not.
What else?I am totally loving Arctic Monkeys 'Fluorescent Adolescent' at the moment and Kate Nash's (is that her name?) new song-I love those world weary songs,I tried ages ago to put them on my blog but I couldnt get them to upload being a total luddite.

Now my hairdresser has gone totally AWOL I had to get my fringe cut by a really camp geek hairdresser and he has butchered my carefully crafted fringe,I want my old hairdresser back-that geek isn't coming near my hair again,I could have done a better job myself.What am I going to do?This is how I like it-long and heavy,just out of my eyes.

The only thing going on men-wise is I seem to be attracting attention at the moment from men but I am not being picky when I say they are all unsuitable.Man 1 is the sexy sergeant who has got increasingly flirty and if we can ever get ourselves together at the same time and place,we will hook up-he is very cute and hilariously funny,that will only be a bit of fun though.Man 2 is someone I work with who apparently likes me according to my mate, have an idea who it is and he is not for me,and I wouldnt be for him if he was honest,so thats going nowhere.Man 3 is my sometime partner in crime fighting,he has always been flirty with me and I have always taken it as a joke as has he,but now he says he likes me for real-sounds good but he is with someone and they have 2 young kids,and I don't fancy him.Then,can hardly call him man 4 is a custody sergeant who has always flirted with me since I first joined the job,he is ok not my type really but he has been testing the water recently about going for a drink,and I did think ,if he asks I'll go but then I hear he has been having a fling with some pc he works with!So why the fuck is he chatting me up?Over 2 years as well?Man 5,well I still can't get him out of my head and it makes it worse when he's nice to me,can't bear that.


Girl*Next*Door said...

Oh I love RI, they are great :o)
Also loving Kate Nash & Arctic Monkeys although I'm not so keen on flourescent adolescent as I was some of their previous.

I had a good hairdresser, now I'm just getting a mate to do it as the last one I went to totally ignored what I wanted & cut it about 2 inches shorter than I wanted!

As for the men, ooooh where to start! Lol
Man 1 sounds good, I would go for him even if it is only fun.
Man 3 sounds good but he also sounds a tad naughty being as he's got a partner & littlies.
Man 4 sounds like a twat & one to be a heartbreaker, especially as he's seeing someone.
Man 5, well I can't comment.
Not that you should take any notice of the above because my track record with men is hardly glowing! Lol

(Oh & to upload videos just go to Youtube, get the one you want & if you look to the right of the video you'll see an 'embed' code, click & copy then paste onto your blog post & publish as normal :o).)

Natasha said...

I like Kate Nash too. Lomes I think you should steer clear of copper boyfriends, that lot all sound a nightmare! I am also not buying much at the mo, I need to be good after my holiday plus I'm so not bothered about anything in the shops lately!

Annette said...

My goodness, what's your secret!

So, please take your time and pick wisely, you certainly have plenty to pick from!
You lucky girl.

thinblueline said...

Can you recommend a decent barber shop for me ?

SandDancer said...

I've nothing to blog about either. This happens sometimes though where I can't imagine I'll have anything to say ever again and then suddenly I'll get the urge to make loads of posts.

I feel your pain on the hairdresser/fringe situation. Why is it that so many of them struggle with a long fringe? I had a terrible one earlier in the year and was scared to have it cut for quite some time afterwards - she had put a few layers in it!

totallyun-pc said...

Which one am I?

PS. I love it when you swear you minx!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

do you know what TUPC, there was a time when I thought you *may* have been an ex of mine who had found my blog cos of something you had posted-you'd better ****** not be!! lol

Mousie said...

If you've lost your shopping mojo, what hope is there for civilisation?