Saturday, July 07, 2007

Paulo Nuttini,what a wanker!

I used to love Paulo Nuttini,I even have my favourite song of his,'Last Request' as an early morning alarm call cos its so mellow and wakes me up gently,anyway I was watching him on Live Earth and there he is again,just like at Glastonbury bent double on stage gurning and 'singing' in a comedy Scottish accent,and sounding like Steptoe of Steptoe and Son fame would sing if he had ever released a song!He has totally put me off him.Idiot.

Still,I loved Keane,Metallica (!)James Blunt,Madonna the Queen,and the Pussy Cat Dolls,so it wasnt all bad and I saw someone I iknew in the crowd (eventually!).


Girl*Next*Door said...

He really annoys me when he does that, does he not realise what a twat he looks?!?! Idiot. I like his music but can't stand watching him live.
Glad to hear you like James Blunt, I get slated for that by friends! Lol

thoughts running through my head.... said...

I cant understand why everyone hates JB,I love his music,mind you he makes me feel sick to look at him!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Erm, I have to confess to *quite liking* JB for a week or two, it was the soulful singing that did it! Haha