Saturday, July 14, 2007

my new love

The best sort of love,one that will never let me down or cheat on me,I present my new Chloe Bay bag-well a 'close friend of' anyway!!Its really heavy though even with nothing in it and I keep knocking into people with it but I love it!


Girl*Next*Door said...

Oh it's gorgeous! I like the colour, very nice. I love big bags too but I have to be careful because if I go too big then the bag wears me & it looks silly. Lol
I keep looking at bags to buy but I'm still in love with my Accessorize metallic big bag, it has served me well :)

As for bags that make you bump into people, they are handy for those eejits that barge into you for no good reason!

Annette said...

It's lovely.
But I must admit that I now go for the much smaller handbag.
I always had a suitcase before! God knows what I kept in it.
As long as I can fit my purse and ciggies in it, then that's fine.
P.s. I'm cutting out a lot of ciggies since the ban. I'm hoping that in time I will give up completely.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

thanks both!!
Annette the smoking ban is interesting,I thought it was a bit OTT before it happened and I dont smoke,but everyone seems to have taken it in their stride and pubs are trying new ideas out,so its worked well I think,the only bad thing is people leaving their fag buts in the street!!Good luck in giving up.