Sunday, July 22, 2007


I was driving back down the M1 when my car just stopped working while I was in the outside lane,I was pumping the accelorater but it wasn't doing anything,so all I could do was stick on the hazards (thanks to the fuckwit who tooted me-hazards mean hazard???) and pull over to the hard shoulder,only there wasn't one just loads of cones cordoning it off-luckily someone had already knocked them out of the way so I managed to get in there and park up until my car worked again.Then I had no problems drivng back into London with my 90's club hits playing full blast (I'm a dreamer anyone?)wonder what that was all about??


Girl*Next*Door said...

I bet he had a little rant to himself about women drivers too! I'm considering learning to drive because I need to it's just last time I tried I nearly ended up in a wall... That was a few years ago so things might have changed. God I hope so!

Annette said...

My old car used to do that.She would just slow down and stop. I soon learnt that the best thing to do was just stop the car, turn off the engine and let her well, rest.For about 15 mins.
It happened quite a lot in the winter but not so in the summer.
I took her to the garage and they could find nothing wrong with her at all.
I think she just did not want to go out in the wet and cold winter days....just like her owner.

rollergirl said...

Euw! I have a driving license but I could never get to grips with parking so I haven't driven since I passed my test. I HATE driving! That sounds like a scary experience :(