Monday, September 17, 2007


I don't usually comment on work stuff,but I am watching this now,and all I can think is what a load of rubbish!!Its true there is a lot of paperwork,and my force is apparently one of the worst for paperwork (we do our own files),but its not THAT bad,the thing I find more annoying is some duty officer sitting in an office monitoring the radio and chasing you up to take action on jobs that only need 'words of advice' or a stop at most.I am young in service so I suppose its different what it used to be but I can't help thinking its exaggerating somewhat.Lots of the easy detections they are talking about are what lazy officers do and I can't imagine that has changed any over the years,there are always plenty of easy jobs to be had and the hard jobs never give you any ticks in boxes anyway in my experience.Timewasting in custody however is a different matter,but I cant change that and it's no different wherever you go.

BTW,why has my blogger dashboard gone German?


Area Trace No Search said...

My blogger dashboard has gone German as well - which is nice, I need to practise it.

How long have you been a PC? Just wondered as I know that there are hundreds if not thousands agreeing with DC.

Personally I see a lot of what he was saying, bearing in mind the difference in forces and procedures.

I know our guvnor puts out a "Detections Car" on night duty.

And probationers are sent on foot patrol in the park by the university (no crimes reported there incidentally) to get cannabis detections.

I don't see it all doom and gloom - but I have been toying with following many of my colleagues and friends and serving in another continent as a Police Officer.

Maybe me and DC are just grumpy buggers though.

Girl*Next*Door said...

I watched it too & to be honest, it depressed me. I know it's bad but if it was really really awful then surely you'd get alot more leaving? I don't know the intricacies but I would have thought that was the case anyway.

Oh & my blog went German too! You need to go to your dashboard (I think) & change it from "Englidh UK" to "English English"

I have no idea what difference that makes but it worked for me :)

Mousie said...

Ooooh I'm glad yours has too. I thought it was personal for a moment :o/

thoughts running through my head.... said...

ATNS,I dont completely disagree with what he's saying,I just think he was exaggerating somewhat.There is a massive trend towards easy detections and clear-ups+JD's and the like,and my force is no different,it is more the paperwork side I was commenting on-alot of paperwork is duplicated but maybe his force is worse than mine for paperwork?Some of the easy detections to be had have always been tricks of lazy buggers or those in search of box ticking!

GND,dont be put off-its still good fun most of the time and I have tracked down a supplier of size 3 Magnums for you,I know you'll still have to wear 2 pairs of socks,but hey you cant not join now can you!??

maneatingcheesesandwich said...

Back in the olden days, when I was a young bobby, there was less of the pointless statistic-gathering. There was, however, a vehicle log (for those lucky enough to be on wheels) wherein you had to faithfully record everything you went to, everyone you stopped and spoke to (or even spotted, when on nights) and every premises checked. Even if you were freely going about your business on preventative patrol, you had to record your location every 15 minutes. The sheets were then lodged with the station sgt, who would check them if any decent job was reported, to establish which crew had been nearest and therefore whose fault it was that it wasn't prevented. Negative supervision perhaps, but it was very effective.

Oh, and we had a kick up the arse each month if the shift as a whole hadn't submitted enough CLEs (car tax offence slips), tickets, or process books. Night shifts spent hunting down cars parked on the offside at night without there was a good use of our time....but you learnt your beats that way, and people knew you'd been about (preventing crime and reassuring the public) because no-one had broken into their cars, but some bastard had slapped 'em with tickets for pointless offences.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Yeah, it hasn't put me off applying :)
Really?! Size 3's?! Wow! Thanks :)
Definitely can't not join now! Lol