Saturday, September 22, 2007

some home ideas I have ..

I am fed up with my flat at the moment,there are lots of things that need doing that I cant afford to get done really or will lead onto other jobs beng done,so I don't know where to start-you know how one job cant be done in isolation,so I end up doing nothing!

I wish everyone would paint their flats lovely ice-cream colours in my street,it would look so pretty and increase the desirablity of the area.One day I will get round to painting mine a pale green to try and cover up the pebble dashing nastiness that is atm,so I can't talk either!

I want to put some subtle 'original' features back into my Victorian/Edwardian flat-it probably never had any in the first place but it looks as though it should have-like these ceiling roses.Oh,and a chandelier.

a garden decking area like this.....

I love the light rope that lights up the underneath.

a mirror maybe like this one to replace the mirror I have already that I dont like anymore.

an original movie poster like this one I saw in Kimberly Stewarts house in L.A on MTV Cribs!

I love the colour of this bathroom wall and the floor.

love this headboard too-I could make this though.


Annette said...

I love the one with the pink's my favourite colour.
We or rather geoff painted our living room pink about 3 years ago.
I loved it.
I sulked when geoff said we had to paint over it because he was tired of it!!

SandDancer said...

I love those pastel houses - I don't imagine anything bad could ever happen living in those. I think for it to look right though, the whole street has to do it - just one house painted looks a bit odd.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

I have to say I dont live in a similar flat but the houses/flats round are Victorian and would easily look as good if they were painted the same way-I think if I paint mine then maybe it will inspire other people?I even thought of suggesting the idea to the other flats but I dont think it will go down too well if I did!!

Kate said...

sigh...I dream of a garden like that!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Love those ice cream houses, so pretty & nice looking.
Love the light fitting & the movie poster, all of it actually. Lovely.

& the decking is gorgeous, be lush to sit out on in the summer :)