Monday, October 15, 2007

way too many cocktails!

Met up with the fashion contingent on Saturday,I missed the first bit of the Couture exhibition at the V&A (was going to post a link but I still can't work out how to do it!) cos I didnt get in from work until the early hours after scraping up a dead body at work,as you do,I knew something would happen to make me late cos we were going to have a team curry and something always kicks off if we do that,usually just after when I can only waddle,this time it was before but I was determined not to miss the meet up cos I need the girly company.
We went to a rather nice cocktail bar where the staff were little cuties but SLOW-they messed up our orders so many times I offered to help them behind the bar (I've never worked behind a bar btw)and the waiter said yes,probably expecting me to go all coy and toddle off,so he looked a bit scared when I got up and went to do it,luckily for them I just got us our cutlery,if I had have got my hands on the drink it would have cost them alot in alcohol.
As per usual,I ended the night in my local kebab shop eating chips with chilli sauce and then walked home from the tube station,crashing infront of the tv and then waking up and not sleeping the entire night,so I was hungover and tired on Sunday.
Love it though,I wore my Primark cream blouse with black skinny jeans and black patent flat slip-ons with my new Topshop black studded bag,and my usual Tatty Devine name necklace.


Annette said...

I knew you would have to mention Primark!!!
What a shame about the service, being so slow.
Thers nothing worse than bad service is there??

SandDancer said...

Chips and chilli sauce are my favourite but sadly I don't have anywhere near me that sells it. I had to make do with a cup of tea and chocolate digestive.

I do believe that is my arm in the picture!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

you know it Annette!!

Sanddancer-that is the joy of living out East I guess,I should have tagged you in the post but I wasnt sure you'd be ok with it!!btw,I cant make the mini meet Y was organising,but will definitely be up for another one if we can all get together.

SandDancer said...

Please tag me all you want! Kelly tagged probably the least flattering picture of me on Facebook anyway! Although I don't look as much like Gail from Coronation Street as I normally do in pictures.