Saturday, October 20, 2007

why am I not surprised?!?!

I posted about a guy at work I liked a few weeks ago,well I've seen him at work a couple of times since and I *think* there was a bit of flirting going on,HOWEVER yesterday I was talking to my mate at work who doesnt know I like this guy (no-one does,I keep things like that under my hat)and he mentioned that this bloke had been with the STATION BLOODY BIKE that shagged the man I was seeing ages ago-is there no man that slapper hasn't been with?FFS,there's no way on earth I am going anywhere near him now.Just when I thought I had my sights set on a nice guy,I find out he's been with her-she's not even very attractive and why would anyone want to go with her knowing full well she quite literally has been with half the men in the job,and told everyone about it (apart from the obvious,but even then?!)

Is it any wonder I am so cynical?I give up.


Annette said...

OH thoughts, I am so sorry.
The reason they go with those kind of women is because they haven't got the strength to say no!! If they know you are that kind of person then they just use you for their pleasure with no thought of your feelings. but what does she get out of it? Nothing but a bad name.
So please be glad you are who you are.

At least you know what he's like now, rather than find out later.
I wouldn't touch him with a barge pole now.

I must admit I would find it hard (oh, no pun intended by the way) not to say something to him and make him feel embarrased and ashamed of himself.

You find someone one day, I'm sure.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

well,he doesnt owe me anything but still..............someone slap me if I mention any blokes from work ever again!!!
Trust me,she goes looking for it and doesnt care who knows or who she hurts to do it,she could at least stick to blokes who are unnattached but she cant even do that!

SandDancer said...

I normally hate sweeping generalisations about men but will make an exception here as I've come across this so many times before. Men are usually very quick to criticise women who've been around a bit but when it becomes their turn, they suddenly forget any bad reputations. I think it is an ego thing. They will suddenly think of the woman as virginal and they are the only ones charming/handsome/witty enough to get anywhere with her.