Sunday, October 07, 2007


where do I start?I still feel a bit shit and work is shit too-the sergeant I said previously might be trouble for me is just that atm,I might have to do his legs if he carries on like this.Tosser.
Anyway I am considering my options,I am not staying where I am to be beaten down by some nutjob sergeant,he is also splitting up me and my partner in crime fighting,which we are both not happy about,we deliver the goods and we work well together so why fix what isnt broken?

Anyway did my usual retail therapy today (must stop spending must stop spending!)and bought;

*new baggy jeans-River Island

*'griege' granded top-River Island

*long sleeved top,1x cream 1x black-Primark
*cream sheer pintucked blouse that some woman who was also looking at it described as 'looking like it was owned by a chain smoking granny' which put me off somewhat but it looks cute (I think)

*more pink knickers for work,its my little rebellion for having to wear an unfeminine uniform!

*a sequin beret-but head is so massive,I'm not sure it looks ok-River Island had some but they were small too,I need a head reduction or something.

*random opaques,lip gloss,a black fitted sheet for when I fake tan.

oh,and my bag arrived and I totally love it,its my new favourite bag.For now!


Annette said...

I love the bag.
I have a bag similar to that. It has Betty Poop all over it.
It is silver and with a chain hanging down with all luck charms on it.
I don't normally go for silver I prefer gold. Well, gold plated anyway.
But couldn't resist that bag.

Hope that made you feel better anyway.

Annette said...

P.s. Is that the sarge you talked about before?

thoughts running through my head.... said...

yes Annette,here is the rant from July concerning the mentalist that he is!
**one of my fuckwit sergeants keeps saying really helpful things to me like 'oh everyone gets aches and pains,I've got a bad knee'-THE FUCKIN COCK!!Does he think I'm on restricted cos I've got a little pain in the knee?Who is he to tell me about pains,I could tell him about pain-I'd like to see him carry on as normal (MEN LOOK AWAY NOW) if he had MONTHLY period pains and mood swings and not let it effect your work,and thats just for starters!He can talk anyway,from what hear about him (can't say more,cos you never know who's reading!)I think he might be a problem for me when I go back,he's been a bit weird with me since he started dating my friend so I'll have to see what he's like-I am not putting up with any nonsense from him though,sergeant or not.**

looks like I was right eh?

Annette said...

You know my answer:

Anyone got a gun?

No seriously, you do seem to have a problem with him. Is there anyone you can talk to?
Someone you can trust?

What about having a word with your friend?
Outside working hours I mean.

What does your friend see in him? May I ask.

Is that why you want to go to the other side?
Please try to find someone to talk to. Someone that will take you seriously.

Good luck.

Please let us know how it goes. Thanks
Take care.

Emma said...

wow I love the bag Girl I hope things get better for you and don't let the bastards grind you down...xx

WendyB said...

All fabulous pieces.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

thanks girls!!!Annette I can sort him but it,as always,involves nastiness which I dont want to have to do but I have gone from loving the job to wondering why I am doing it and whether I can do another 20 odd years doing it,I am not in the best frame of minds though after working a 15hour shift dealing with a total cock the other night!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Ooooooh lovely stuff. Like the jeans & the bag, gorgeous :)

You can't give up on a career you love just because of one muppet T, do as Anette said & see if you can talk to someone. Is that why you're transferring?

You definitely don't need to be dealing with a cock as a colleague when there's so many you have to deal with on the streets! Take care hun, I'm sure it'll work out :o) xx

Girl*Next*Door said...

Forgot about the hat, my favourite! Might have to have a look at one of those although I'm not sure it would suit me :(

totallyun-pc said...

I hope there ie a tangible difference between "one of my Fuckwit sergeants!" and one of my sergeants, who is a fuckwit! young lady......

thoughts running through my head.... said...

it took me a few moments to get what you were on about then tupc,but yes I can confirm I mean one of my sgts who is a fuckwit!!what can I say,my English is getting worse by the year doing this job,and he is indeed a fuckwit!and a mentalist.