Sunday, October 28, 2007

this week I have........

*had road rage.Several times (this is why I don't drive at work!)
*sorted out the station Xmas party (Indian restaurant and some people are STILL moaning)
a cape
a new toilet seat
an elasticated belt (just realised stupid SA overcharged me by £2)
a snake ring
dangly earrings
a skull t-shirt
a woolly super-long scarf
a black camisole
a plaited leather hairband
2x OPI nail polish
some whitening toothpaste cos I am obsessed with whitening my teeth atm.
*done no work for a course day I have tomorrow,should be able to blag it though.
*been asked out by a newish colleague who should know better-he started off saying did I fancy going for a drink,which I took to be friendly and then ended up him suggesting I cook him a meal!WTF?Do I look like I am easy?Oh and would that be for you and your wife,you fuckwit?
*eaten a curry and a pizza at work-no wonder I am getting fat.And a chinese.
*had to put up with my car smelling of sick.I have'nt been sick in it so can't think why it smells-one of the lads at work checked to see if I had a DEAD ANIMAL in the engine,but luckily there wasn't-I did have the previously mentioned pizza in my car last week but surely the smell wouldnt last that long?


Annette said...

What! No Primark !
Hope you enjoy your xmas meal.

Annette said...

I've just red this blog again and I missed the road rage last time, sorry.
I always have road rage as soon as I get in the car!!
I can't stand people who drive to slowly.
They do 20 mp.h. in a 30 m.p.h. area. They think they are good drivers, but if they saw what we are like behind them trying to get pass!!!
They drive me mad No punn intended.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

ha,Annette,some of those items were Primark!!!And as for road rage,other peoples poor driving and ignorance of other road users drives me mental,I also hate drivers who try to push infront of me cos I've got a Corsa and I'm blonde and they think I cant drive well enough to see what theyre doing!Dont even get me started on people who flash their lights behind you to get you to move!!!
*blood boils!*

Emma said...

Wow spending spree there....

Just as a matter of interest have you had a coffee in the car and split some.....milk smells foul when it's off..xx

thoughts running through my head.... said...

Emma,funny you should say that,I havent spilt any in my car but I did spill some in the work car and all over my hat the other day so that'll be a nice smell to back to!!
The smell isnt so bad now but its still slighly there-possibly from the heater?