Tuesday, October 30, 2007

personal DNA test #2

I did this test awhile ago and that time came up as an 'Attentive Dreamer',this time I am 'Attentive Designer' so I'm not sure why thats changed cos its the sort of test where you cant remember 'correct' answers.
It worries me that it comes back with low feminity though,is that because I do a typically masculine job?I was talking about this yesterday with another (rare) female officer,who asked me did I find it hard to balance the line between being feminine and masculine at work?I do,and she said she felt the same way.I really dont want to be one of those women who turn into 'one of the lads' in order to fit in,watching football and belching (urgh!) and swearing alot,cos thats not me-well the swearing is,but thats often justified!

Take the test here http://www.personaldna.com/

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