Thursday, December 31, 2009

gorgeous inspiration

All of these,except the fireplace, are from John Lewis,I love both of the sofas-I definitely have a thing for Chesterfields and I also love corner sofas but I've never really had anywhere big enough to have one,nor the money to buy it.The roomset is one I kept as inspiration for how I'd like my new place to look,its from a home+design  forum,so I hope the owner is ok about it,I love the fact that the cushions add the colour.
I went to see my friends flat yesterday which I hadn't seen before,and it was very like mine except perhaps more girly and it made me think mine was bit stark in comparison,even though I have a shit load of things.She also had the exact same mirrored chest of drawers which I totally covet-I have always loved mirrored furniture 'cos it reminds me of Hollywood furniture in the 1940's/50's and I love that area in film,so I really want to try and get one when I move.
The fireplace is one I already own having bought it off Ebay even though I had nowhere to put it,its too big really for my flat atm,but I'm desperate to use it when I move 'cos its gorgeous and I've not seen one like it before this.I was telling my friend this and she admitted she had a cast iron bath store in her garden because she loved it and someone was chucking it out,so she rescued it so she's definitely a homewares-solemate!!


Becky said...

I love everything! We have a huge leather L-shaped sofa and it was so expensive but so worth it! (I'm also laughing at you having a thing for Chesterfields as it's my boyfriend's last name!)

thoughts running through my head.... said...


I was thinkig leather would be very practical for me with the cats,but I ideally want a grey flannel or velvet sofa-the cats make so much mess with fur though!!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I love mirrored things too, lovely inspirational pictures! Hope you are well hon. xxx