Friday, December 11, 2009

much updating needed!!!

I have a few things to update but work has been busy so I'll do it all in one go!!

I have accepted an offer on my flat..woooo!It was hard to know what price to accept as all the flats in my area seem to vary alot and mine didnt have a long lease left on it so I knew that would be an issue so had a chartered surveyor do a valutation to extend the lease, which cost a mahoosive £575.The last thing I wanted to do was have to extend the lease myself because I know it will be a long drawn out process so I ideally wanted the buyer to do that.
I changed estate agents,and the 1st viewer was interested,and then the 2nd viewer put in an offer which I accepted after some clever negotiation from the agent and the buyers are going to sort the lease themselves.
This all after I decided to try out a spell designed to sell your property,I thought it was worth a try as I was getting lots of viewings but no 2nd views and no offers,it involved burying a statue of St Joseph upside down in your front garden near the boundary or for sale sign.I buried mine in my window box and days later had the offer,so whether its coincidence or whatever I am going to do a similar spell to find the property right for me!

Now that I have an offer I have started to look at properties,there's not much on the market before christmas but I went to see 1 today which I really liked.Its a small 2 bed Victorian cottage (cottage in London/Essex terms!!!) and was nicely done out with a gorgeous kitchen and nice garden.I think I am going to list every place I view so I can remember which one is which.


♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Woop, great news on the sale hun!! I read about your little spell too, coincidence eh, maybe it did really work ;). Good luck with your new home hunting xx

Annette said...

Perhaps it was the spell.........

Becky said...

Good news on the offer, hope you find somewhere perfect soon!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Ooh good news! xxx

Laura said...

Brilliant news, im so pleased about the offer!
Happy house hunting x

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