Monday, December 14, 2009

my 1st ever Christmas tree

I usually don't bother with Christmas except for a wreath on the front door,after years of being in retail display and having to dress Christmas beginning in July (press launches) or even,January if you are involved in the design of schemes,I used to be covered in glitter in August,just as everyone else was out enjoying the sun,so thats why I havent bothered with it until now.Suddenly this year I am looking forward to it in a low key way and have bought a real tree-probably not the best of ideas but I couldn't bear to get a tree that would automatically die!!I have decorated it with some glass snowball baubles I had from a job years ago and a santa I was given as a thank you from a Christmas decoration client and I bought some twirly black+silver glitter twigs to stick out of the tree and black sequin baubles from Wilkinsons,which is new in my town but is apparently a bargain shop-I also bought a fab multi picture frame from there for an amazing price of £7.50!
Other things I have bought but cant be bothered to photograph are a black lace vest from Primark,a studded belt and cuff also Primark and a frilly sleeved top from TS.There must be other things,I just can't recall them atm.


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Wilkinsons is a cheapo shop but this year it has some really good stuff in! I have a little red wire tree for my kitchen table from there and they do gorgeous cheap photo albums. Love your tree! xx

The Brunette Girly Girl said...

Lovely tree x