Monday, April 14, 2008

The Marathon

These are photos I took on my phone of the Marathon,I didnt run it-I policed it,not that it needed much policing,even though I had my rest day canceled for it and no food for 8 hours!I had a boring place to police this time and I didnt see anyone famous apart from Brian Paddick if you can call that vain thing famous,he was waving to the crowds like he was a star or something the idiot!I never saw Gordon Ramsey so I dont know if he ran this year,every year I look out for him but never see him-maybe he cheats or something?

Some apples and a camel

the Masai Warriors,who werent running that fast-I thought Masai could run really fast?

Some fit men dressed as Rocky!

I also got a wave from the Metropolitan Police who were running with police tape wrapped around them and got chatted up by a rival police officer who bought me some tea as I was freezing,and I got invited out for a drink up by a girl I was chatting to whose Dad was running the race!Oh I knew it would be ok when I was re-deployed away from a half-wit sergeant I should have been working with-I couldnt bear to spend the day trapped with him!

Thanks for everyone's concern about Stan-he is eating and sleeping a bit more than normal but I think he's ok,even though he cost me a date I had to cancel to go and rescue him-he did me a favour I reckon though as the bloke sounded like a bit of a lazy bastard,as he was saying to me that he couldnt be bothered to travel far to see someone and didnt like driving etc etc,and could only see someone every 2 weeks at weekends as he sees his kids,talk about killing something before its started-I thought to myself 'you're not selling yourself very well here mate!'so Stan gave me the excuse to cancel and I wont bother to call him again.

I bought this bag last week to cheer myself up over Stan,its gorgeous but not very practical at all as I cant get much into it,

and these boots from Topshop


Emma said...

Gorgeous bag, I can see the attraction..xx

Annette said...

Great photos, and I love the bag and the boots. You always pick nice things, I think you must have a natural knack to it or something.
I love looking at the photos of what you have brought and then wish I had seen them first!!!

Girl*Next*Door said...

I may be coming round to steal both the bag & the boots!

Both lovely :o) Who cares if the bag's impractical? It looks good :o)
& it's a good size for a night out.

So glad Stan' back xx :o)
Told you it'd be fine. I put the GND vibes onto it. LOL

Think you were right, wine ice cubes were probably not the best idea..... Lol

thoughts running through my head.... said...

thanks ladies!!!GND,I know you like a bit of Victoriana!