Sunday, April 20, 2008

I bought a few things

This dress-much nicer than this photo shows,its very Chloe!

velour hotpants-totally impractical as I'll never wear them outdoors,but they are so cute!

star scarf-I got a few to put on Ebay too!

heart pyjama bottoms,for lounging around the house

grey silky dress-looks so pretty on,looks crap in the photo though

stripy waistcoat-I like waiscoats,they look very rock-chick over vest tops and cover up my spare tyres!

stripy bib-front t-shirt,I also got one in grey,these are my throw on for work whilst looking like I've made a bit of an effort!

also bought some lacy knicks from M&S-I havent shopped in there for ages,I really like some of the bras they had in but I find M&S bras make my boobs look pointy!

I feel a bit better now.

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Annette said...

Hi Thoughts, I have tagged you!