Friday, April 11, 2008


Stan is back.He's thin,dirty,has a graze on his shoulder and is very jumpy but he's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Area Trace No Search said...

Great news lass... You must feel like a million dollars now!

By the way, I've noticed that I've always had you linked from my blog in a "non job" section, just because although you wear the cloth you don't often post about work itself.

Would you like me to change it to a "job" link?


thoughts running through my head.... said...

nah mate-I dont want allsorts of randoms reading and sussing me out!

TotallyUn-Pc said...

glad your pussys ok! (couldn't resist it... so lame)

Anyway, sorry about the link/blog/account thingy, I only just swapped it and don't know how to use it yet.... Bobby dazler had to email me to get it up and running in the first place anyway!

thanks for persisting though! x

SandDancer said...

Excellent news. You must be so relieved. Hurrah for Stan!

Emma said...

I am so pleased for you girl....give him lots of cuddles and he will be fine..xx