Friday, April 18, 2008


I got my artwork today-its fabulous,but has been slightly damaged by Royal Mail-how typical!!I am hoping the artist can send me some of the paint she used so I can repair it as it is impractical to send it back to her!I'm not sure where to put it now,in the living room or the bedroom?
Also on the homefront,I have got the green finger bug again-I do every year then lose it again in the winter,so I have bought 2 big black modern planters for £10 each (bargain!)some compost (yawn!)and a white lavender and strawberry plants and seeds for herbs and veg,I will be virtually self sufficient at this rate.I started a herb bed last year from an old raised flower bed in my garden that would have cost too much money and effort to remove,so I am going to try and get that running properly this year-expect lots of photos of random herbs and vegetables.

On a completely different note-I am gutted that Simon off The Apprentice has been fired-why Sir Alan?I fancy his cheeky Essex accent and his try-hard character!Should have been that slime Alex or bolshy Claire that got fired!

*I would*


Emma said...

Yes darl, so would I..xx

TotallyUn-Pc said...

I agree about simon, sort of... but I think even he admitted he is out of his league with this snake pit of slime balls!

I get the impression he was a hard working but dilligent and trusting sort. The others are pretentious hateful vipers! The lot of em.....

Great to watch, but I wouldn't put one of them out with my own fluids, if you get my drift!

SandDancer said...

I agree about Simon. I thought he came out of it all with dignity. On the "You're Fired" programme he said he thought he was just a good second in command. I think he'll get job offers on the basis of this programme whereas the others are making themselves unemployable outside of the world of reality television.