Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stan is alive!

oh joy!!My baby is ok.I haven't got him home yet,because he is still trapped in an empty flat.A neighbour from my street called me on Tuesday to say she had seen him in the window but when I went round I couldn't see him and he didn't come to me when I called him,but she was so adamant that I got the site foreman to open up the flat and have a look,I was at work so he obviously didn't look hard enough and swore blind he wasn't there!Anyway this morning 2 people called me to say they had seen him sitting in the window,so I called the foreman again-I could tell he was thinking 'mad cat woman' at this point,so I told him I would get the RSPCA and police to smash a window to get him out if necessary.When I got home I could hear him miaowing but I couldn't see him at all,so I called the foreman again and he promised he would send round one of his boys to open the flat up,but surprise surprise he didn't so I called the RSPCA to attend and they called him to open up the flat tomorrow,so now I have to wait till then to get my baby out-who I did finally see earlier,he is so thin and dirty and has graze on his shoulder but at least he's not dead!I put some food and ice cubes through the letter box for him,well I did after I had made some ice cubes 'cos the only ones I had were wine ones!!


Annette said...

I am so pleased he's back. I bet you worried yourself sick about him.
What a pity he can't speak and tell you what happened.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

thats what I always think Annette,if only they could talk!!!

Mousie said...

brill news xxx