Thursday, January 18, 2007

weekly round-up

CBB-I hate you all except for Shilpa,Jermaine and H.Jo,Jade,Jack and Danielle-I want to drown the lot of you retards!

My knee has not got better at all and now I am scared it isnt going to be right for a long time,after I had been to physio yesterday,I went into the ladies and burst into tears cos I was so worried that it hadn't got better.Shit-I had just assumed it would sort itself out in time.I met someone from work for a drink after and it was just what I needed actually-bitching and beer!!!Well,not actually beer as I don't like it,but you get my drift.

I just heard someone say "its all good" on CBB,and it made me realise how much I hate that phrase,they always say it on reality shows when they have to do something not fluffy etc,and its so fake!


totallyun-pc said...

I hear ya, CBB has got me a bit hooked since it all started kicking off. Don't tell anyone ok!?

I started reading your 2006 stuff and its funny, and yes, your a chav, but that aside, I've taken the liberty of putting you on my sidebar, mainly for my convenience. I hope you don't mind)

I think your a police type but not 100% sure, but I'll read you anyway.... passes the time when I should be doing PDR's. (if you are in the job you'll know what that means)

thoughts running through my head.... said...

Yes,CBB is my guilty secret-I get the piss ripped out of me at work for admitting it,so I 've gone underground with it atm!!!

I'll ignore the chav comment,and get on with my PDP(!)

dickiebo said...

I'd just like u 2 know that, having read these comments, I am now going to tell the world (at least, the world of bloggers), that TUPC watches that b----y awful programme. So there.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

ha!!well,I dont suppose he will find out for a couple of weeks so you *may* just get away with it!

Natasha said...

Chav??! Why totallyun-pc??!

Glad the knee is on the mend Lomes x