Monday, January 08, 2007


my ex has just popped up on there after unblocking me.What does he want?He blocked me after we had a mini row about 18 months ago,at a time when I was going through some major work stuff that he knew about,and should have understood and I've not heard from him since.We went out together twice and I was totally in love with him,but he was never 'in love' with me,anyway,I moved on etc and eventually saw that it would never have worked out for us (I think)and now he pops up,but I dont think I want to chat with him as he can't see what he did wrong,and he is probably only msning me cos he has split with a gf or something.He has a pic up though and he is going quite bald-he looks different!Still,we had some fab times,like when I skived off work for 2 days and he piloted a helicopter (honestly) and flew me all the way up the Thames,so sexy!!

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