Sunday, January 14, 2007


Mine came to visit yesterday as I cant drive very far atm,I knew it was going to go the way of all visits as they insist on arriving at lunchtime,which is late in my book,and bringing their own food with them,like we dont have food in London!!!They are so set in their ways,I cant even cook for them as they wont eat it or even entertain going to a restaurant-a cheap cafe or rough pub yes,but not a place where you can enjoy a nice meal.Neither will they go on a day out anywhere or even to visit the rather famous place I used to work at for example.I think we lasted about an hour before I shouted at my Mom,who was shouting 'stop!stop!you're nearly hitting that van!!!' as I was reversing up a very steep hill to get the car into the only non-residential parking space as we waited for my Dad to collect something from a shop.All this from a woman who can't drive herself-she bloody infuriates me,I'd asked her did she want to pop into the little antiques market that has opened recently while we waited 'if you like' she replies-she's so bloody difficult and ungrateful,all I'm attempting to do is make the visit a bit interesting for her,as I know she likes antiquey things!
I really can't handle seeing them,her mainly,we have never had a good relationship,mainly because she was such a bitch to me as I was growing up;no woman to woman chats,no Motherly advice,no hugs or kisses,no chats about men/periods/dilemmas etc,ignoring me for weeks on end after goading me into arguments,whilst being completely normal to my brothers.I am not sure I love her at all,she is the reason I always feared having children for years,particulary a daughter incase I was horrible to her,like she was to me.

Sorry this is a crap serious post,but she makes me feel crap about myself.

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totallyun-pc said...

it sometimes good to get stuff off your chest. If this is the only place then crack on. I know that feeling. thanks for stopping by.