Tuesday, January 09, 2007

am I chav?

according to an email survey I did at work the other day I am 28% chav,(at least I didn't get the top score of 82% though)-and I embraced chavness today after I went to my physio and wore a 'Juicy' style trackie and uggs (real) so that I wouldnt have to take my trousers off,then decided to go to Argos (!)on the way back,well I fitted right in as I walked down the market,I decided to go for the whole experience and stopped at a chav shoe shop and purchased the boots above for £10.I think they are ok,I have wanted Ugg Nomads for ages,but I cant afford them,so I am satisfying my need with these which should last until it gets warmer at least!

As I was walking up through the market I bought some veg for a £1 a bowl,very chavvy but bargainous-I should do this more and save lots of money whilst being healthy,however to do this on a regular basis I will need a chav shopper,preferably in 'Eastend' check,which I did see on sale on the market as I was walking aswell.
Mmmm,I think I fitted in too well,so I will be making more of an effort in future,maybe wearing my NEW DRESS (see below) which is Primarni,but I got off Ebay for LESS THAN THE PRICETAG!!I also recieved in the post today a Laura Lees dress that I got for a bargainous £11 inc p+p,just because someone didnt list it properly,I am not sure I will wear it until summer as it it is sleeveless,but I can always relist and sell for more if I dont!!!I love Ebay sometimes!

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