Monday, January 08, 2007

celebrity big brother

yes,I admit it,I watch it!!!Here's my lowdown on the inmates!!

Jade Goody-I quite like her,she's done well for herself with a mother like that!
Jackiey Goody-can't string a sentence together and is way out of her depth as she has no social skills,and is showing her frustration by being so obnoxious-I think Jade is regretting her being there!!
Jack Whateverhisnameis-whats the point?Big mistake Jade!
Ken Russell -old fart
Shilpa Shetty
-quite nice when she lets her guard down,but shes a bit manipulative.
Cleo Roccas-no way she's 45!!!Seems ok though.
Faceman-shame he dont look like he used to in the A team!
Leo Sayer
-nasty little weasel-he hasn't shown his true self yet.
Danielle Lloyd-brain dead,is shopping ALL she does all day?
Jo from S club-normalish
H-seems normal compared to the rest!
Thatjournalistwoman-faking it,and probably shitting herself incase it all goes wrong!
Donny Tourette-25 years too late to be Sid Vicious dear.
Jermaine Jackson-almost forgot about him he's soooo boring!

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